Lift Performance Centre is a hub for seminars/symposiums and competitions for the worlds best educators and sports associations in the health and fitness industry. Our course and comp timetable is constantly being updated, to view our upcoming events please see below.



15th April 2018 – Top Lifter 2 – Powerlifting Competition . To book follow this link

28th – 29th April 2018 – Stretch Therapy for Performance. To book follow this link

14th – 18th May 2018 – Poliquin Group Education – Applied BioSignature Transformations. To book follow this link.

19th – 20th May 2018 – Poliquin Group Education – PICP Level 1.  To book follow this link.

21st – 23rd May 2018 – Poliquin Group Education – PICP Level 2.  To book follow this link.