Aaron Kroll


Aaron Kroll

My view to strength training is ‘simplicity’.

I’m very passionate about what I do and take my training and my clients training very seriously.

My extensive experience in the weight room enables me to bring a great deal of applicable knowledge, and apply it to training my clients every day.

I draw on my years of experience working with world class strength athletes to confidently provide the highest quality technical coaching and program design to my clients today. I am committed to achieving exceptional results with every one I work with.

I never stop learning from the people I train and always keep an open mind to new ideas I have had a lot of time practicing and training underneath a barbell because I believe that first hand experience is second to none.

Come and get strong with me !


My recent lifts in competition are:



-Snatch 160KG

-Clean and jerk 185Kg

-Clean 190KG

-South African weightlifting championships 2012 silver medal under u23/open  85KG class




-Back squat 310KG

-Bench press 200KG

-Deadlift 300KG

-South African powerlifting championships 2012 silver medal u23/open 80KG class

-CAPO state/ NSW powerlifting championships 2014 gold NSW state champion u23 100KG class