Fanny Tulloch


Fanny Tulloch

Fanny “Whip” Tulloch

Position: Happy face and Personal Trainer with focus on females


Previous Experience:

Licensed Personal trainer and Strength coach via Eleiko Education.

BioSignature in Sweden, USAx2, Australia

PICP lvl 1 + 2 in Sweden and USA

Fat loss for females’ seminar with Phil Learney at Ultimate Performance, London

Training the female client + private internship with Mark Ottobre at Enterprise Fitness, Melbourne

Before Lift Performance Centre I have worked as a Fitness instructor/Group instructor/PT/Receptionist in Sweden and Norway. I have travelled to USA, UK and Australia to learn from other coaches, taking courses and internships. 


Favorite exercise: It has to be deadlifts even though I hate it at the moment, cannot manage to get over 105kg of 1RM! But that is going to happen at Lift of course!


Favorite cheat meal: Definitely something with whipped cream!!! Imagine a really good vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, hazelnut sauce and banana, YUMHEY! 


Hobby/s: Taking Luke to the dog park so he can watch the dogs. Experiment in the kitchen; rice paper rolls are something I have done a lot lately. Also, I cannot hide that I absolutely love to travel and see new places and amazing nature.  


Reason you entered the health industry: Training and eating well has been my priority since I was 9 years old and started my 10-year wrestling career on high level. At 13 years of age I was a wrestling coach for young girls and had a key to the wrestling studio, so 3 times a week at 7am, before school, I went down the studio to do my strength training, that was the earliest they opened the building and I had about 50 minutes before I had to leave for school. I thought this would be cool to have as a job, “training people”. One day about 4 years later my dad read in the newspaper about someone who was a “personal trainer” and I knew that that was exactly what I wanted to do!


Particular interests/ specialization: Female issues, health and performance. I have a huge passion for the female body and spend a lot of my spare time researching hormones and possible issues that females can experience, how we solve them, how we live a healthy lifestyle and maybe even get into better shape then the average woman.


Favorite holiday destination: This is always a though one. I will give you two; New York, USA because it is so diverse and Frasier Island, Australia because of its absolutely mind blowing scenic!


What you bring to the LPC team: I am going to bring exceptional service and great atmosphere to Lift Performance Centre. I like having fun and creating an environment where people can feel relaxed and welcome.

Welcome to Lift Performance Centre, the place to learn and grow.

I hope that we will be a part of your health journey



“I have been a client of Fanny’s at Lift Performance Centre for some time now, and I cannot express enough how fantastic and amazing her expertise and level of professionalism is.
Fanny approaches her training of clients in a very holistic, professional and understanding manner, where she takes the time to understand and individually tailor your individual needs.
Since being a client of Fanny’s, my personal fitness and overall health goals are being met far above and beyond expectation. I will continue to be a client of Fanny’s indefinitely, because she is simply amazing!”


- Taryn Moran