Fanny Tulloch


Fanny Tulloch

Fanny “Whip” Tulloch

Position: Happy face and Personal Trainer with focus on females


Previous Experience:

Exercise physiology degree

Gymnastic Bodies foundation level 1

Movement meeting with Ido Portal

Handbalance with Miguel Santana

Modern Mobility with Emmet Louis

Stretch Therapy with Kit Laughlin

Stretch Teacher program

Current: Apprenticeship with Dave Wardman


Favorite exercise: It has to be deadlifts even though I hate it at the moment, cannot manage to get over 105kg of 1RM! But that is going to happen at Lift of course!


Favorite cheat meal: Definitely something with whipped cream!!! Imagine a really good vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, hazelnut sauce and banana, YUMHEY! 


Hobby/s: Taking Luke to the dog park so he can watch the dogs. Experiment in the kitchen; rice paper rolls are something I have done a lot lately. Also, I cannot hide that I absolutely love to travel and see new places and amazing nature.  


Reason you entered the health industry: T In a life with much stress, training can act as a seriously fun and rewarding part of existing. First, we establish where you’re at in life, training and health, then we take actionable steps to increase awareness and activation of the right muscles at the right time, this will set the foundation you need to build your body Strong, Lean and Mobile. Further on, we start cultivating Flexibility, Stability and Strengh (= Mobility) which are important to enable movement in a wider range of positions. We build your body to be Resilient to injuries and Strong to do chin ups, dips, squats, deadlifts and more!


Particular interests/ specialization: Female issues, health and performance. I have a huge passion for the female body and spend a lot of my spare time researching hormones and possible issues that females can experience, how we solve them, how we live a healthy lifestyle and maybe even get into better shape then the average woman.


Favorite holiday destination: This is always a though one. I will give you two; New York, USA because it is so diverse and Frasier Island, Australia because of its absolutely mind blowing scenic!


What you bring to the LPC team: I am going to bring exceptional service and great atmosphere to Lift Performance Centre. I like having fun and creating an environment where people can feel relaxed and welcome.

Welcome to Lift Performance Centre, the place to learn and grow.

I hope that we will be a part of your health journey



“I have been a client of Fanny’s at Lift Performance Centre for some time now, and I cannot express enough how fantastic and amazing her expertise and level of professionalism is.
Fanny approaches her training of clients in a very holistic, professional and understanding manner, where she takes the time to understand and individually tailor your individual needs.
Since being a client of Fanny’s, my personal fitness and overall health goals are being met far above and beyond expectation. I will continue to be a client of Fanny’s indefinitely, because she is simply amazing!”


- Taryn Moran