Glenn Cox


Glenn Cox

“Nothing worth having in life is easy.”



My passion in life is to help people look, feel, and function at their best. In order to do this, I like to take an integrated and holistic approach to training. Whether your goal is to look shredded, loose weight, gain strength, or simply enjoy the health benefits of exercise, it is important to follow a consistent path using a quality training program while optimizing your diet to help you reach your target.

I have an extensive background in sports and fitness both as an athlete and a trainer/coach. Here are just a few:

Sporting career & achievements:

  • Hong Kong National Development Squad Sprinter, 400m, 2014-17.
  • Hong Kong ITU Sprint Distance 3rd Place, 2013.
  • Half Ironman Canberra; time 5:15:00, 2012.
  • Asian Amateur Physique Finalist, 2016.
  • Numerous other Triathlon & Running competitions.

In addition, I have over 4 years experience as a personal trainer and athletics coach. I believe in educating my clients throughout the training process by drawing on my wealth of experience so that they can maximise their results in the shortest time possible.

As your trainer, I will also help educate you on matters related to diet and nutrition, which I believe is the foundation to any successful training regiment.


  • Australian Certificate III in Fitness
  • Australian Certificate IV in Fitness
  • PICP Level 1
  • PICP Level 2
  • PICP BioSig Level 1
  • Precision Nutrition (Pn) Level 1 Certification
  • NSW Triathlon Development Coach
  • MSC in Strength & Conditioning (TBC in 2019)
  • Australian Certificate IV in Massage (TBC in 2018



Telephone:   0412745250