karl mckenna

Karl McKenna

Position: Gymnastic Strength & Active Stretch Coach

Previous Education: TBC

Favorite exercise:  Nothing beats a heavy back squat

Favorite cheat meal: All you can eat

Hobby/s:  Rock climbing, Hand balance, Yoga and Lifting heavy things

Reason you entered the health industry: I was brought up in gyms as it was cheaper then daycare. So I have always been in gyms since I was 14 , I learnt to say yes to all the opportunities that came my way , which has lead me to Lift

Particular interests/ specialization: Strength training, Increasing lean muscle mass and making people as strong as possible ( ideally lifting 2x there BW)

Favorite holiday destination: Ireland as this is where I get to be home with all the family .

What you bring to the LPC team: A no BS approach and drive to perfect the basics , and a fun personality but who cares about that lets just go squat :)


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