Kylie Gilbert


Kylie Gilbert

Kylie Gilbert

“I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse” –Florence Nightingale


I understand that health is more than just a lean body, it begins from the inside out and is something I whole-heartedly empower with my clients.

My passion lies in training the female client for both aesthetics and performance. For females especially I believe making lasting changes is not just about attending a 45 minute personal training session but about making this a change for your lifestyle.

This is why ‘Female Fitness Method’ incorporates this into your lifestyle, training, nutrition and most importantly mindset to maximise your results whether it be health, fat loss or fitness. I have worked alongside one of Australia’s top female trainers, Rachel Guy (Athletic Fox) as a Senior Coach on the Bombshell Athletic project.

This was a tailored training system aimed exclusively at females to get that lean, strong and that sexy athletic look girls dream of.


Certificate III & IV in Personal Training
Group Exercise Instructor
Trigger Point Performance SMRT-CORE Therapist Level 1
Poliquin Group PICP Level 1
Poliquin Group PICP Level 2
Powerlifting Australia Level 1 Coach
Bioprint Level 1
iNutrition Level 1
Clean Health Internship Level 1
Ed Coan & Paul Carter Training for Strength Sports Seminar
Seb Oreb & Daine McDonald Training the Strength Athlete Seminar
Dan Garner Understanding Nutrition Seminar
The Lucid Stretch Clinic for PT’s and Strength Coaches
Phil Learny Advanced Coaching Academy (ongoing)