Luke Tulloch

Position: Director of education and senior coach

Previous Experience: BSc Neuroscience, 7 years as a personal trainer

Favorite exercise: “There is no reason to be alive if you can’t do deadlift!” Jón Páll Sigmarsson

Favorite cheat meal: Well, my last cheat day included cronuts, 4 types of cheese, sourdough bread, pizza and gelato…

Hobby/s: Drinking coffee, flexing back at my reflection

Reason you entered the health industry: Really gives you an opportunity to blend science with practical considerations. There are a huge amount of extremely intelligent and hardworking people to learn from and your efforts are realized in physically and mentally changing people in front of you!

Particular interests/ specialization: Physiology in general – as it relates to program design, training, lifestyle and nutrition. I like to focus on getting people fitter, leaner and stronger while preserving an enjoyable and varied lifestyle!

Favorite holiday destination: I spent a good deal of time studying in Mississippi, so I’d say that’s my favorite but I’m always looking forward to the next best destination. I’ll probably end up sleeping under the squat rack in the LPC, though.

What you bring to the LPC team: A combination of industry experience and knowledge of science that can be applied to suit the context of each individual. I also bake caramel slices every now and then!


  • Personal Trainer, 8 years experience
  • BSc Neuroscience


“Luke is such a knowledgeable trainer who explains the more technical side of fitness and nutrition in a way that is easy to understand. I’ve really enjoyed the variety of exercises he has factored into my programs which suit my training goals, my body type and also my personality and preferences when working out. His experience and knowledge means he is well equipped & suited to help his clients with their goals no matter what end of the spectrum they are on.
Luke is such a valuable resource who can answer & clarify any question I may have in regards to my fitness, nutrition and training. I have noticed more changes in my body in the short time I have been training with Luke at Lift then I had in the years before doing cross fit, where I felt I made little or no progress. Due to the structure of the programs Luke designs it takes all of the guess work out of training for me and my time spent in the gym is now more efficient and effective”
Morgan Schultz
“Having trained at several gyms for years on my own and not achieving my fitness goals I was beginning to lose hope and drive.  I decided to look for a PT that understood where my fitness was at, and importantly, someone I could trust and rely on to help me reach my goals.  Luke is that PT!  Luke explains the ‘what and why’ of my training to help me better understand my sessions and is always available when I have a question to ask.  Training with Luke has given my gym sessions direction and focus and I am now stronger and fitter than ever.  Luke is invested in my fitness as much as I am and backs this up with his in-depth knowledge and support that are second to none.  Because of Luke, I am now training smarter (and harder!) and seeing improvements in my strength every week.  Just as importantly, Luke has helped me get back my hope and drive as I head to reaching my goals.  A big thanks Luke!”
Stu Wilkinson
“From Day 1, I’ve been blown away by Luke’s deep knowledge and passion for the inner workings of our bodies and minds. I’ve had other trainers in the past and he is clearly on another level. Luke has been a key ingredient in the management of my lower back issues. I would strongly recommend him whether you need rehab or you just want to reach your fitness goals.”
Jason Ross
“I am an experienced gymgoer, with over 15 years of regular weight training behind me. I was looking for a trainer who could help to add to and build my knowledge further and to take my results to the next level. I came to Lift Performance to work with Luke specifically as he has a reputation for having a highly nuanced and detailed, evidence based approach to training and diet which is what I was looking for.
I have now been working with Luke for over 6 months and he has far surpassed my expectations. From the beginning I have thrown all manner of data at Luke, including blood tests for various endocrine functions, dexa scans, diet plans and injuries, and he has modified and tweaked my programme and diet to ensure that my body is working at optimum, to a level I have never experienced in a trainer before. With all these changes comes an explanation of his reasoning as well, allowing me to be part of the process. As a result, I have put on over 2kg of muscle mass and lost almost 5% bodyfat, which I am ecstatic about, and as we move into the next phase, I expect those results will only get better.
I would heartily recommend Luke to virtually anyone looking to improve their training, but I think experienced lifters who are looking to learn how to take their training, diet and nutrition to the next level would have the most to gain from Luke’s extensive expertise and learning.”
Owen Hutchins
“After months of reading about lifting and resistance training but too intimidated to actually join a gym, I mustered the courage and called up Lift. From the first consultation, Luke listened carefully to my goals and tailored a training plan specific for me. As a beginner with no experience whatsoever, joining the transformation program was ideal for me, as I enjoyed the benefit of having Luke guiding me through each session four times a week. Being in a small group also meant that I could always ask questions, never feeling nervous or out of place at Lift. More importantly, the program gave me a solid foundation for life, as I was taught each lift safely with proper form and technique.
As a trainer, Luke is extremely patient and kind, but continues to bust my ass. I am six months into the program and we’ve already smashed some of my goals for the year. Thanks to Luke and the rest of the team at Lift, I am achieving things that I didn’t think was possible with my body and having heaps of fun while doing so!”
Helen Xue
“What do you think about the gym, staff and facilities?
I have been a member of many gyms over the past 10 years and none of them have been anywhere near as good as Lift Performance Centre. The differences are subtle but very important; expert trainers, very high quality equipment, a welcoming atmosphere, and a focus on exercising – not vanity. The staff are very welcoming and the other members appear to be of a similar mindset. The music is not blaring, the layout is uncluttered, and best of all – no mirrors! Out of any gym I have been a member of, Lift Performance Centre is the only one I have enjoyed going to.
How have you found the transformation membership, and what have you achieved so far?
The transformation membership has been a very worthwhile investment. I started as an overweight and sedentary person who knew nothing about how to lift weights, and Luke took me under his wing as my trainer. Luke is not only a highly knowledgeable expert in all things to do with lifting, fitness, and health, but he is also very friendly (except when it comes to pushing out a few extra reps!). Now I am about seven weeks into it and I have noticed a big increase in my strength and lifts, as well as good muscle growth. My back pain is gone, and I feel that my mobility and flexibility has improved too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the transformation membership to anyone who wants real results and can seriously commit to training at least 3 or more times a week. I have a long way to go yet on my strength training journey but it has been pretty amazing so far.”
Peter Uther