Sam Jenkins


Sam Jenkins

“A successful transformation is one that lasts!”




I’ve been in the industry as a Personal Trainer and Coach for over 5 years. My own personal health and fitness journey started in 2010 as an amateur Muay Thai fighter, which inspired my passion for transforming health, performance and lifestyle.


I believe in putting health first, and that by doing so we put our body in a position to get the best results from our exercise and nutrition efforts. I’ve helped clients of all ages and walks of life to lose fat, gain muscle, increase strength and live healthier, happier lives.


I am passionate about educating people along their journey, focusing on building sustainable habits with the aim of achieving life long results. I take a practical approach with exercise, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, using evidence based methods to ensure clients get results in an enjoyable, effective, and safe way.



Certificate III & IV Fitness

2013 World Kickboxing Association, amateur NSW state champion, Muay Thai

Muscle Nerds levels 1 & 2

Boutagy Fitness Institute – Fat Loss/ Strength & Hypertrophy levels 1 to 3

Boutagy Fitness Institute Advanced Program design

Precision Nutriton lvl 1, Certified coach

Precision Nutrition lvl 2, Master Coach (ongoing)

ISAK Anthropometry lvl 1

Muscle Nerds program design mentorship

Clean Health Internship levels 1 & 2



0404 443 994



“Sam is a great and friendly trainer. I highly recommend him. I look forward to training each week feeling stronger and empowered ready to achieve my weekly goals.

Sam’s holistic approach to fitness training really resonates with me and gets the results.

Sam designs a fitness & wellbeing program that looks at my diet & nutrition, gym training and weekly cardio exercise regime incorporating my favourite pastimes of swimming and yoga. He imparts great knowledge on the how and why we are doing things and gives me great tools to monitor my progress.

I achieved my goal of losing 10 kilos in the first 9 months of training and now on my way to achieving my second set of strength and toning goals. I am eating more than I ever have and the weight is still dropping off. I have new fitness habits that give me an abundance of energy and I feel like I’m in my 30s not the wrong side of 45.”

- Andreas Zehntner